Sustainable Resilience Building at Scale

When it comes to the mental resilience of your employees, one size doesn’t fit all. Support each individual with personalized learning tailored to the challanges they face and the areas of growth that will benefit them the most. Program participants see measurable improvement in mental well-being, stress management, and success at work.


Treks are 90-day coaching programs designed to unlock human potential and enhance resilience. These programs are structured to promote individual growth, peer-to-peer interaction, and experiential learning. Individual Treks and Group Treks work together to enhance learning, foster a resilient culture, and reinforce connections for greater impact.

Individual Treks

The Individual Treks program encourages resilience, adaptability, and peak performance. Employees can directly engage in Treks, allowing for self-paced learning and empowerment. With the guidance of a personal coach, individuals can develop, experiment with new behaviors, and take decisive action.

Group Treks

Understanding the behavioral trends and your people’s mental and emotional needs help you make better investments in learning & development and HR services.

Addressing challenges in work & life

Coaching Treks cover a diverse array of topics tailored to moments that matter during the employee journey.

Principles of WOOSH5 Coaching


The ability to grow and develop on your own


The ability to grow and experiment with new behavior through your coach

Peer group

The ability to grow and develop through others

Demonstrating progress

WOOSH5 Framework

Lead your organization into the future of work with WOOSH5 coaching, using our methodology based on positive psychology for unlocking human potential. Coach people at every level of your organization to adopt to change, recover from set-backs, and drive new behaviors.

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