WOOSH5 | Building Resilience
Our online platform helps employees to increase their resilience while providing aggregate feedback to management. Leaders build a better, more agile business by creating a more resilient management and workforce.
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Highly Resilient Workforces Show


Higher productivity


Higher engagement


Higher innovation


Less burnout


WOOSH5 helps you achieve these results, using proven online exercises combined with personal e-coaching to:

✓  Create a scalable coaching program aligned with your organization’s goals.

✓  Empower employees to own their professional development journey.

✓  Develop measurably better employee wellbeing.

✓  Capture data, generate reports and draw actionable insights on your program. 

5 Steps to a Resilient Workforce

Set Goal

Choose a Trek from more than 20 carefully curated topics or create a customized Trek to match your specific goals.


Resilience scans give insight into strengths and weaknesses and measure the starting point.

90-day Trek

Fun, effective, daily exercises: online of course, so they’re easy and accessible. Plus, tools and support to stay motivated.


Personalized support from an e-coach or group coaching sessions for collaborative learning and growth.


Watch your team’s resilience grow and measure the positive impact across your business

Topics that are highly relevant for today’s workforce

Choose a 90-Day Trek from more than 20 carefully curated topics or create a customized Trek to match your Specifiic goals.

– more topics available –


45% of highly educated and paid employees are low in resilience.

Change and new challenges are inevitable for your business. Build a resilient workforce that is agile enough to adapt, innovate, and navigate problems while staying positive and focused.

From better managing organizational change to increasing the overall wellbeing of your employees, we provide a solution to some of today’s relentless business challenges.

Biggest drains on resilience

When I am juggling day-to-day work, family, and non-work responsibilities.0%
When there have been upheavals in my personal life.0%
When the nature of work takes me outside of my comfort zone.0%
When I feel that I am being personally criticized.0%
When the volume or pace of work stretches me to my limits.0%
When I am managing difficult relationships and politics in the workplace.0%

Quantifiable results

Peer group analysis

Measure the resilience of your team on 8 dimensions and compare with peers to identify the aspects that need extra attention

Crystal clear stats

Get clear, easy-to-digest stats on use of the platform and team progress for fast insight into effectiveness and impact.

Up-to-date progress data

During the 90 days, we conduct two extra resilience scans to get razor-sharp clarity on issues and improvements.

Business insights

Optional extra analytics give you instant insight into business gains including increased productivity, engagement, innovation and retention plus employee wellbeing and work/life balance.


Ready to grow your team’s resilience for measurable results?

Resilient team members mean a productive, happy organization. Woosh5 is a proven way to enhance confidence, ease and resilience throughout organizations. Curious? We thought so. Contact us today to set up a call or request a demo!


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The Impact of Resilience

Work-Life Balance

One of worlds' leading brewers.


The brewer's high performing marketing team had many changes on the horizon that the team needed to deal with effectively. Woosh5 was brought on to assist the marketing director in preparing their team for the challenge.


For three months the marketing team was given access to Woosh5 exercises and e-coaching.  Their program also included a resilience scan to assess their baseline resilience.

Our Impact:

The marketing team scored a +24 in the post climate survey.  Additionally, the marketing director didn’t have to spend any time at all to achieve the results they wanted.

Customer quotes:

“My colleagues became better in self-monitoring.”
“My colleagues are now reacting more positively to negative feedback that they get.”

The Impact of Resilience

Professional Development

A front runner in the area of Asset Performance Management.


This fast growing consultancy firm needed to scale their team and develop the group into “best-in-class” consultants.


The consultancy team was given access to a Resilience Scan, a team Strength Trek, and e-coaching on the Woosh5 platform for 3 months.  The Strength Trek included exercises with a strong focus on self-confidence.

Our Impact:

While our involvement with consultancy firm is ongoing, the employees experienced an increase in self-confidence and improved stress management.

Customer Quotes:

“Our employer cares about our development.”
“Feels good to have access to a sparring partner.”

The Impact of Resilience

Wellbeing, Disruptions, Transitions

A Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation headquartered in Amsterdam.


The corporation was dealing with a high rate of sickness due to company transitions and workforce outsourcing.


The employees received access to the platform with access to a Resilience Assessment, 'Smoothly through Change' Trek, and e-coaching for three months.

Our Impact:

The program is ongoing with managers more aware of their teams’ problem-solving needs which have caused stress and low engagement in the past. Emerging awareness has led to less absenteeism. Employees have also taken more initiative, and provide valuable feedback to each other. Job turnover has decreased.

The Impact of Resilience


A full-service provider for the Public Libraries.


The organization faced issues while transitioning to a digital environment and new working methods.  As a result there were high sickness rates reported and increased employee vulnerability. 


The Library team was given access to a Resilience Scan, Flexibility Trek, and e-coaching for three months. Additionally, the engagement included face-to-face workshops with exercises based on aggregated team resilience scores.

Our Impact:

As a result of their engagement with Woosh5, the Library team reported a rise in feedback to colleagues, more suggestions for improvement during team meetings, and a smooth transition into their new working method.  The manager felt strongly supported by the program.

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