Nicole van der Stad

Co-founder & CEO
Nicole van der Stad is the CEO and co-founder of WOOSH5, the vitual place of resilience building. As CEO, Nicole leads WOOSH5’s mission to enable all people to live their life to their full potential and face challenges with strength and confidence.

Prior to WOOSH5 Nicole worked at ING where she co-developed and implemented the corporate social responsibility program strategy. As Head of Corporate Affairs at ING, she communicated the bank’s vision and business strategy to employees and worked directly with employees to develop their resiliency skills, focusing on dealing with organizational change. She witnessed the difficulties people experienced and that resilience is key to keep performance high in challenging and uncertain times. In 2008 Nicole started her own training company as a Master Licensee in Effective Intelligence. Nicole holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and from the University of Berkeley in California.

What resilience means to her
Nicole: “Resilience is something that can be cultivated and serves as protection against toxic stress and adversity. It enables people to perceive themselves as much more than just their results, but as human beings who strive to become their personal best.”