John van Baardwijk

John van Baardwijk has previously served as a CEO and CFO at Oranjeboom Brewery (InBev), Director and Board Member at Dutch Telecom KPN and COO at Detron. Prior to that he served as a controller Main Industry Group Video at Philips and Controller of the Commodity Trading Division of Deli Maatschappij. John also served on several Supervisory Boards in the Netherlands like Coca- Cola, Group Accor, Sedwick and UFD Bank.

Why Resilience is Important to him
John:”Supporting employees in developing resilience is not optional but essential. The challenges employees now face are different than those in the twentieth century. But no matter what life throws at you, resilience acts as a safeguard and enables you to take on an uncertain future, overcome setbacks, eventually triumph and take control of your own destiny.”