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At WOOSH5, we recognize that there are many diverse paths to success. That’s why we offer science-backed, individualized coaching 'Treks' explicitly tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations.


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The 90-Day Trek: A Journey of
Personal Evolution

Our 90-day Trek goes beyond being a mere program; it's a commitment to self-care for sustained performance. Drawing from our team's extensive expertise and research, we've identified eight key resilience traits that set apart those who thrive from those who struggle under pressure.

The Trek to Resilience is a comprehensive 90-day digital program coupled with e-coaching. It includes daily, digestible exercises and a dedicated coach who stands by your side as you evolve into a more resilient, grounded, and selfassured individual.

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Are You Ready to Elevate Your Resilience?

Investing in resilience building is an act of self-care that fosters mental wellbeing and cultivates potent habits to help you navigate and safeguard yourself against challenging situations.

Cultivate Mental Wellbeing as a Habit

Much like exercising for physical health, training in resilience promotes a lifestyle of mental wellbeing. This lifestyle translates into powerful habits, arming you to handle and protect yourself from life's adversities.

Experience the Power of Coaching

Unlock your potential with the unwavering support of a personal coach. Our seasoned coaches offer insights, inspiration, and expertise to guide you through your journey, fostering resilience while promoting a spirit of self-discovery.

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WOOSH5 is a pioneering employee coaching platform leveraging data-backed approaches to facilitate the creation of resilient, high-performing organizations. Our digital platform empowers individuals and teams to cultivate resilience, leading to enhanced performance and personal satisfaction. Let WOOSH5 be your partner in building a resilient future — get started today.