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A data-backed employee coaching platform for companies building resilient, productive organizations

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Trusted by universities, multinationals and start-ups all over the world

Our Results-driven Philosophy

Relied upon by global universities, multinationals, and start-ups, our science-backed, personalized coaching 'Treks' are tailored to meet the varied needs of your workforce.

Increased Productivity

Enhanced Engagement

Stronger Reputation

The employee journey is filled with unseen critical moments.

We recognize that every employee's success journey is unique. Navigating high workloads, office politics, criticism, and personal life hurdles, your employees face a multitude of challenges, many of which are often overlooked. We're here to shed light on them and provide the support they need to overcome them.

The Support Your Employees Deserve


One small step a day

People choose a Trek to guide them in their growth journey with everyday, bite-sized digital exercises.

A trusted guide nearby

A professional coach will empower your employees and hold them accountable for making continual progress.

Resilient, confident & calm

People are growing in key mindsets and behaviors to face and successfully manage changes and challenges in their work & life.

An Integrated Coaching Platform to Drive Employee Success

Forget the ineffectiveness of annual workshops — we advocate for continuous growth, emphasizing daily learning with scientifically validated tools and personalized guidance from a coach. We're committed to your long-term success with:


Individual and group coaching

employee insight


Empowering Your Workforce Throughout Their Journey

Ensure the success of your employees at every stage with 24/7 access to virtual coaching. From onboarding and career planning to navigating office politics, heavy workload, and personal challenges — we've got them covered.

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"Our professionals consider the offering from WOOSH5 as a gift. It feels like unconditional support. It is available for them whenever they need it, whatever they are dealing with.”

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Unlock the performance potential of all professionals with WOOSH5 Lead, develop a climate of psychological safety with WOOSH5 Dare and drive productivity through sustained vitality for all employees with WOOSH5 Care

Invest in Your Team’s Performance

Enhance your team's performance and productivity today. Build a resilient, high-performing organization with our data-backed coaching platform, driving productivity and well-being throughout your company.

About WOOSH5

WOOSH5 is a pioneering employee coaching platform leveraging data-backed approaches to facilitate the creation of resilient, high-performing organizations. Our digital platform empowers individuals and teams to cultivate resilience, leading to enhanced performance and personal satisfaction. Let WOOSH5 be your partner in building a resilient future — get started today.