Yvonne Truijens


What you can expect from me
As a coach, I am assertive, lovingly confrontational, and concrete. I love unraveling and ordering. Handy for people who are busy in their head or lead a life full of appeal, accountability and obligations to both themselves and others. In short, do you recognize that you are (structurally) shortchanging yourself? Or do you underestimate yourself too easily? Then you’ve come to the right place with me. I am happy to support you in (re) finding your strength through empowerment. I enjoy working with you on direction, desires, goals or in other words, focus. What is the first step? What is achievable? Or wise? How do we ensure together that you achieve this with pleasure, self-confidence and energy?

Resilience for Me
Resilience can be developed, improved, optimized. If only you know how. That’s nice. Life for me is a barrel full of choices and the glass is always half full. To be able to look at life in this way, you need your own place, experience choice, space, influence, flexibility, self-confidence, energy, health and so on. I always say: “Where it rubs… there lies the innovation and growth”. Growth and resilience go hand in hand for me.

I have been a coach for more than 15 years. My qualifications can be seen in the fact that I hold the marks of Registered Career Professional and Registered Occupational Social Work. In addition, I have been trained in various coaching methodologies. Consider themes such as Loss and Grief, Empowerment, Setting Boundaries/Assertiveness, Transition, and Menopause.