Sandra Kamp


What to expect from me
As an E-coach at WOOSH5, I consider it crucial to motivate people to introspect their behaviors independently. I take pleasure in offering the trainee a figurative mirror. Nothing overly complex or burdensome. I stand by a hands-on method that empowers the trainee to diligently pursue enhancement.

Resilience to me
Years ago, I was unexpectedly let go from my job, a challenging time as I had two children. Although I aspired to be self-employed, I felt unprepared. However, I leaped anyway and faced numerous hurdles, such as paperwork, financial management, and client payments. Despite these obstacles, I chose this path to avoid stagnation and future regrets.

With a background in business economics, I have two decades of experience in leadership, consulting, and project management across different sectors such as supply chain, banking, and telecommunications. I’ve always emphasized the importance of team talents and their integration. In 2012, I transitioned from finance to become a communication and behavior trainer, dedicated to improving organizational communication, collaboration, and leadership.