Sami Ramirez


What you can expect from me
As an executive coach, I specialize in leadership and team building for new managers. I aim to establish strong, authentic relationships to boost performance and job satisfaction. My objective is to help individuals align their thoughts, feelings, and actions for balance in professional and personal life. I emphasize on uncovering and leveraging unique strengths to fast-track career growth. As Scott Dinsmore said, “If we don’t know what we are looking for, we are never going to find it”. My goal is to assist you in identifying and utilizing your strengths.

Resilience for me
As the child of a working single mother, I quickly understood that anything of value requires effort and practice. My mother experienced an accident when I was 11, forcing me to become an independent and self-reliant child. Life has repeatedly demonstrated that nothing is everlasting, neither the highs nor the lows. I believe that with a positive outlook, unwavering determination, and a strong faith in something beyond ourselves, we can achieve greatness and display strength beyond our imaginations.

As an ICF-accredited coach with a background in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s degree in Science in Marketing, my experience spans over 13 years in technology companies, from budding startups to century-old corporations. My coaching approach is rooted in empathy, responsibility, and emotional intelligence.