Robin Athey


What can you expect from me?
I assist clients in guiding themselves and achieving their utmost potential. The stress of juggling work and personal life can be overwhelming, but I use my knowledge of leadership, culture, team performance, and organizational dynamics, coupled with neuroscience and the nervous system, to assist my clients in obtaining their desired results. As they confidently steer through change and uncertainty, clients become more efficient performers and improved leaders.

Resilience for me
My experiences of resilience are akin to crucibles that have shaped me. They include living and working globally, initiating startups and projects, sometimes grappling with failure, facing addiction, grappling with the challenges of entrepreneurship, and enduring the loss of my home to a fire. These experiences have continually expanded my worldview, challenging my preconceived notions and revealing the hidden opportunities within every crisis.

With a global career spanning 29 countries, I’ve been a consultant at Kurt Salmon, VP of Production at Cole-Haan, and a thought-leader at Deloitte. I’ve also been a Harvard fellow, a board member at UN Association, and an MBA instructor at Simmons. My repertoire includes serving corporate giants like Microsoft, startups, and governments. I hold a B.S. in Engineering, an M.A. in International Economic Policy, and an Advanced Certificate from Columbia University with additional training in leadership and coaching. I’m also a long-time practitioner of meditation and yoga.