Petra Joziasse


What can you expect from me?
Are you feeling uncertain about your career path and unsure of how to progress further? Do you often find that your work lacks fulfillment and recognition? As an online coach, I am here to help bolster your resilience, enhance job satisfaction, and boost your vitality. If you’re ready for change and eager to move forward, I’m here to provide that additional push you need.

Resilience for me
Moving from a busy job in Amsterdam to joblessness in a small Oslo village was a major resilience test. My husband found work quickly, while I stayed home with our four young kids. I temporarily lost my identity before refocusing on my priorities. My resilience is still tested daily by various challenges, from scheduling conflicts to weather changes and time constraints.

With two decades’ experience in coaching and change management, I’ve helped individuals improve their leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. My expertise is derived from managerial roles in business services across the Netherlands and Scandinavia. Between 2012-2016, I worked in Norway, which honed my resilience. On returning to the Netherlands, I started my journey as an entrepreneur, using my expertise to facilitate growth and job satisfaction.