Nienke van Dijk


How I help my clients

I believe in progression in all aspects of life and think that self-awareness leads to better decisions. As your e-coach, I offer active participation, practical solutions, and constructive criticism when needed. I don’t believe deterioration is necessary for transformation. I guide you in uncertain times to visualize and plan future actions.

Resilience for me

Throughout my life, there have been numerous instances where I’ve had to tap into my resilience. Each time I harness it, my resilience strengthens. It enables me to accept alterations, feel at ease with uncertainty, and persist in my personal development. Cultivating resilience is essential in our unpredictable and ever-evolving world.


My extensive experience in Human Resources and coaching has shaped my focus on personal development in both personal and professional spheres. I coach individuals on self-leadership, informed decision-making, and breaking patterns. These themes are also explored in my 2017 book, The Power of Choice: A Journey to Resilience.