Nancy Tromp


What you can expect from me

My specialization is non-verbal communication and emotions. The guiding principle for me is Jonathan Safran Foer’s statement: “To pronounce something indicates an existence that it did not have in silence.” Share what’s on your mind, say what you think, be curious. Also when it comes to grief. Sharing is healing. By expressing what you feel, you feel more connected and empowered, and that gives you the perspective and space to reevaluate and change.

What resilience means to me

Resilience starts with your emotions. Acknowledging and allowing the entire spectrum of emotions means you are no longer trapped in reactions – you can respond with agility and wisdom.


I am qualified as an educationalist and psychologist.  After the death of my husband in 2017, I founded the EvE Foundation which supports young people who have lost a parent. I coach and train managers, directors and teams to present themselves more authentically and to find their own leadership style.