Michelle Tan


What to expect from me

As an online coach, I integrate coaching with methods from psychology, counseling and various therapies like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy, etc. My main focus is on building and repairing relationships among those who value and seek to nurture their bonds.

Resilience to me

Everyone possesses their unique narrative and for me, it’s the instances when I perceived “this is the moment”. One such instance found me grasping onto the 9,610-foot Mountain Merapi, bereft of any safety harness or essential rock climbing gear, and finding myself in various precarious scenarios where a misstep or the release of a branch could prove disastrous. However, maintaining faith, resilience, and persistence often leads to more favorable results.


With global experience and trilingual skills, I adapt well to different environments. I have an Executive MSc in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, HR Management, and am a certified psychotherapist pursuing professional counselling. As a certified coach with the International Coach Federation and member of the Singapore Psychology Society, I help businesses improve employee performance and well-being.