Maaike Taconis


What you can expect from me

Are you juggling various tasks and wish to boost your productivity or improve team communication? Facing a tough work environment? I coach young professionals and business leaders to overcome career challenges and achieve balance. My goal is to enhance your ability to handle difficulties, leading to higher job satisfaction. I believe everyone has untapped potential and can work with enthusiasm and energy. Nevertheless, overcoming obstacles requires resilience, self-awareness, and confidence for successful decision-making.

Resilience for me

I’ve faced various challenges, like moving overseas and switching careers, alongside daily tasks of being a coach, colleague, mother, and woman. These situations test my resilience and through acceptance, I know I’ll get through it. Woosh5’s exercises can help build resilience.


As a consultant and coach in healthcare and education since 2014, I focus on guiding people. My 2-year Master’s in Coaching from Oxford enhanced my ability to foster growth and connection. As a chemist with experience in multinationals and management consultancy, I understand cross-disciplinary interdependencies within an organization. I am dedicated to seeking personal growth and opportunities for others in a respectful, energetic, and result-oriented manner, always with a touch of humor.