Lynn Slippens


What you can expect from me

No matter the industry you work in, challenges like stress, deadlines, team structures, company culture, leadership, and managing your work/life balance are universal. As an e-coach, I assist you in developing skills that enhance your engagement, energy, performance, and happiness, adding value to all areas of your life. By challenging you and holding you accountable, I aid in raising awareness, gaining insights, and empowering you to do what’s necessary to reach your goals.

Resilience for me

Self-awareness is essential for personal growth, talent utilization, and relationship building. My resilience was tested when I was diagnosed with a chronic illness at age six, lived overseas, and started my own business. Through honest introspection, I achieved my goals. WOOSH5 offers tools to gain control over your life and career.


I follow my passion – empowering others and guiding them to see the opportunities and possibilities available to them – in my career. In early 2014, I made the transition to professional coaching and shortly thereafter, I graduated from specialized coach training in both Europe and the US.