Keetie de Boer – Polderman


What I Can Do for You
My areas of expertise are helping people return to their job following medical leave, as well as encouraging employees and teams how to cultivate greater psychological safety. My goal is to create an atmosphere in which colleagues feel comfortable, heard, and valued. When people have the freedom to express their thoughts, ask questions, and dare to be vulnerable, this contributes to engagement, resilience, collaboration, and innovation.

Resilience to me
Resilience implies that you’re able to manage difficulties with flexibility – from confronting obstacles or conquering opposition – while still being able stay strong emotionally through it all. Developing resilience is key for understanding what resources you need in challenging times – both recognizing your needs and having the skills necessary to communicate them effectively within your setting.

I have nearly two decades of experience at a major company operating as an international project manager along with being responsible for overall safety/health/quality oversight plus reintegration coaching services. Additionally, I’ve invested the last three years focusing on further sharpening my familiarity with psychological security topics which has proven beneficial during work engagements across various contexts . As an accomplished reintegration & team advisor, I can help you or your (management) team take purposeful strides towards greater psychological security & strength!