Ingrid Vogels


What can you expect from me?
I listen to you with an open mind and a warm heart. I ask you (confronting) questions to get closer to your feelings, visualize your beliefs and discover your personal strength. I encourage you to take achievable steps, not because it’s necessary but because you feel from within that this is what you have to do. I help you to be your authentic self and take control of your life. And then I let you go in confidence.

What resilience means to me
For me, resilience is the ability to go with the flow of life. Not like a leaf aimlessly drifting through the air, but like a firmly rooted tree that sways with the wind. Resilience requires trust and an open and curious attitude. Trust that you can withstand any challenge, however difficult. Being open to changing circumstances and new opportunities. And curious about how a situation affects you and what you can learn from it. The beautiful thing is that you can develop these skills.

Sensitive and analytical. I have completed a technical study (PhD) and worked as a scientific researcher at various companies and universities for 25 years. At the same time, I further developed and used my sensitive side as a coach, soft skills trainer, yoga teacher and masseur. In 2019, I followed a NOBCO certified coach training.