Hanneke Veldhuis


What to expect from me
I am committed to helping you achieve your personal or business goals, regardless of any challenges. Your aim is the distant point that requires energy, discipline, and courage to reach. The journey begins once you act. My approach is practical and I keep track of your progress. Over time, you’ll start progressing, using your unique skills and growing stronger each day.

Resilience to me
Resilience signifies a growth-focused mindset that allows one to handle challenges and changes, showing determination, courage and a desire to evolve. It’s a vital life skill that helps in dealing with life’s obstacles and contributes to overall life satisfaction and job contentment. This skill can be developed gradually, aiding in the pursuit of one’s goals.

After graduating in Economics from Amsterdam, I spent 25 years at DSM in the Netherlands and Germany, holding senior managerial roles in areas like sales, marketing, and R&D. This experience taught me resilience in diverse cultures and teams. Now, fueled by a passion for people and change, I offer coaching services to individuals and companies undergoing transformation. My qualifications include certifications from the School of Coaching, team coaching, Lumina Practitioner, and Facilitator Six Batteries of Change.