Ditte den Boer


What to expect from me
I assist clients in recognizing how resilience can aid in lowering their stress levels. I help them identify what they specifically need at any given moment in their lives to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. By understanding their current situation, they can regain control or even better, maintain it. I focus on promoting harmony in individual lives and within organizations by fostering resilience and encouraging self-awareness.

Resilience to me
As an entrepreneur and parent of three for 25 years, I’ve learned the value of resilience. Balancing my duties while running a company during two global crises, dealing with cultural differences, and personal upheavals, have taught me that change is life’s only constant. Resilience, strength, and adaptability are essential for success and happiness.

After studying International Law at Leiden University, I worked in public roles before transitioning to management in the private sector. I founded a daycare company and an IT professionals firm, often pioneering as the first female leader. Currently, I am a certified business coach at MMS World Wide Institute, aiming to cultivate resilient, dedicated professionals in balanced organizations.