Christi-Janne ten Hoopen


What can you expect from me
My approach starts with experiencing what a situation does to you; how your body, head, and emotions react. You can’t heal what you don’t feel. From there, we jointly look at what you want to change and how to make room for yourself when you get stuck. Together we look for how you can bring in more of yourself to live in line with your essence.

Resilience for me
Resilience is one of the most essential life skills. You don’t always control what happens to you, but you always control how you deal with it. Moving along effectively with what comes your way and learning to see your body’s signals is an important key to keep developing.

I guide changes in organizations. I also look at what the change does to people and culture. That has always intrigued me: in which situation does your strength come into its own, and what can you do yourself? How do we jointly have difficult conversations about the topics that matter?