Angelique Grijseels


What you can expect from me

I am a listening, supportive and enthusing guide, who walks alongside you on your chosen path. I’ll help you find answers to the questions and uncertainties that you face on the journey towards your goal through intensive communication or just by listening.
Often, you carry your own truth or answers within you without being aware of it. In this process, you are central. You are in control.

We put all your existing strengths, qualities and skills to work and make use of your network in the event you need some help, or at the very least allow this network to play a role in the path to your goal. We are never alone in life and every choice you make has consequences for your environment.

What resilience means to me

Resilience is a survival mechanism. Without resilience, a person cannot stand up again after a fall, a setback or an attack.
In my life, I’ve witnessed that most people are capable of recovering from even the most intense life events. At these times, we tap into the most basic human reaction: survival.
Sometimes you need a hand to discover your own resilience and to develop it, but every person already holds the skills they need to bounce back to the rhythms of life.


After obtaining my Social Work degree, I worked as a reintegration consultant at council authorities. I then worked as a trainer and consultant at Odysee training and advice bureau.
Before becoming a winemaker in the south of France 12 years ago, I worked as a reintegration coach at a company which guided people in career planning, career coaching and reintegration.
I am now working as an online coach, applying the methods and philosophy of Woosh5.