Ada Muis


What can you expect from me?
I’m open, honest and I love a good laugh. I live by the motto: talk less, do more. My life experiences have given me an appreciation for taking control of your own destiny. Drama isn’t really my style; instead, I prefer helping others to shape their lives in positive ways.

What resilience means to me
To me, resilience is about how you respond to change and what direction it takes in your life. You could be swept away like a feather or stand firm and steer your own course. It’s also important to consider the influence of transformation as well as your experience with it – does it startle you when shoes are out of place or only when they’ve been relocated entirely? How will this situation be viewed going forward?

I’m an organizational advisor, coach, trainer, HR specialist, project manager, work & divorce counsellor—all while being an entrepreneur with almost 40 years’ worth of experience under my belt!