WOOSH5 | The small talk we miss
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The small talk we miss

We all know the difference our friends and family can make in difficult times. Their support can make us feel appreciated and cheer us up when we feel down.

But during this time of the corona virus I also realize the importance of the casual chit-chat. I now know how much I really need that. And many others feel the same as I learned this week from our clients.

It’s the eye contact with somebody in the elevator, saying ‘hi’ to a colleague you don’t really know or the friendly smile when you get your latte in the coffee shop that make us feel happier.

We are often pleasantly surprised by these moments. They are low-cost, short and informal. But they give the new inspiration, social variety and the social connection we really need.

With this in mind, think about what you can do to create more of these informal interactions in this Corona environment.

Some suggestions:

  • Send a casual text message to people you haven’t contacted for a long time
  • Contact somebody to catch up but don’t be disappointed if you don’t get a response. Think about it as smiling in the hallway. It’s nice if they smile back, it’s ok if not. Enjoy the fact that you might have delivered them some happiness.
  • Share a personal cute or funny picture and encourage others to do the same

Let’s create the casual contacts we all miss!