WOOSH5 | Yolanda Buchel
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Yolanda Buchel

Chief Coaching & Content Officer, Co-founder

Yolanda co-founded Woosh5 based on years of coaching managers to build their resilience. As Chief Coaching & Content Officer she is responsible for training & certifying our coaches, curriculum and assessment, and the content development and delivery of our products  and programs.

Yolanda brings both a successful HR and coaching track record, combined with a  personal belief in resilience development as a must for the 21st century. Prior to WOOSH5, Yolanda held professional and management positions at Philips, ICI, GITP and Shell/Montell. She is a recognized author of several books on self-development and resilience.

Yolanda holds a degree in A&O psychology from the Leiden University, and a doctorate from the Tilburg University.  She is an internationally registered e-coach.