WOOSH5 | Burn-outproof: Strengthen yourself
Our online platform helps employees to increase their resilience while providing aggregate feedback to management. Leaders build a better, more agile business by creating a more resilient management and workforce.
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Do you believe in a stress-free life? Not me. Today’s world calls for constant shifting, making choices, taking decisions, combining roles: after all, there is a constant change. Is it not at work, it is outside. Regularly exciting, because there are always uncertainties: do you get that project, how does your supervisor look at you, is your contract renewed, can you buy a house, do you get that customer, do you help your burnout friend enough? The more your attention is asked, the more alert you need to be on your own mental fitness. You succeed when you train your resilience. As a daily routine, as you also simply are brushing your teeth. That makes you mentally fit and burnout-proof.

Resilience is like a muscle: train enough, then strengthen your resilience. If you leave it for a while, it will be slowly but surely less (Adam Grant 2017). If your Life Is rippling and calm, then you are less bothered by it. However, at those times that matter, you can often use additional resiliency. Think of a new job in which you want to make the best first impression. Or for the first time you are going to lead what is releasing and learning new skills. Perhaps you have become older for the first time, then combining work and parenting is best to seek. No one had prepared you for it.

Resilience is more and more in the interest because we realise that moving along with changes in your work and life does not go by itself. If there are too many moments and situations on your path that require your attention and you find that you should be able to do all that, then stress and lowering your resilience is lurking.



Daan has recently worked as a trainee on a ministry as a financial iliSt. He is ambitious, has just been working on an improvement project. He has all sorts of ideas. However, cooperation with another department is slow, but little is being arrested. Over time, Daan notices that he is cranrier when he comes home. His girlfriend makes comments here about what doesn’t help. In addition, it is not so good with his mother, she has Alzheimer’s. Calls for increasing help. Daan has Exchange services with his brother what he does with love and pleasure of course.

To relax, Daan hard runs, but this has been nice at the last few weeks.

Yesterday he walked away from a meeting that was tough: he became dizzy and breathed, really had to sit down to get up. That’s not good, he felt. His supervisor took care of him, she recognized a panic attack and asked in the conversation about his current situation: in support of online resilience coaching.


Coaching on resilience

In several ways, you get more control over your mental strength through your online program:

  • Measure: with the help of a resilience scan you get a view of your resilience score. The underlying resilience model consisting of 8 dimensions (emotion management, empathy, renewal, optimism, personality, life experience, self-image and problem-solving ability) was developed byProfessor Patrick Reinmoeller. This resilience scan can be done several times over the course of your program so that you can track your progression
  • Practicing: you choose ZG. Coaching Treks. These offer you daily exercises based on your resilience score or on the basis of a challenge with which you have to be deals. Five days a week, 10-20 minutes per day, focus your attention on an element of resilience. You get more self-insight and psycho-education how things work with you. This suits you for the rest of the day.
  • E-Coaching: You get help from an e-coach. He or she is there for you when you make a specific issue about which you want to spar. Like Daan who did not get his ideas well spread and got frustrated about it. Energy lost. The E-coach has influenced him more effectively . But also better visibility on its energy management. Plus how he can intelligently turn on the auxiliary troops to relieve his burden.
  • Measure progression: Your dashboard also lets you see the progress you’re posting on a daily basis. Just like a pedometer. How many exercises you have done, how far you are in your program, how much you have grown in your resilience. It brings you concrete results so you know where you stand.


Self-knowledge and self-confidence allows you to keep the helm in your hands

The self-conscious professional is in favor of changes. He or she regularly tackles the self-reflection to be able to hold both legs firmly on the ground and also to anticipate what is coming. Once a week, restore the step to view and describe yourself. That helps you to create a solid self-image that dares to take your initiative to do something that you are even less sure about. And collect feedback from you and others. If there are exciting things happening, you are going to have a fair conversation with yourself and with others how to tackle them. The online support makes you stay in motion, do not get out of business, take care of yourself and become more powerful. Circumstances you cannot change, but how you deal with it. A solid means to combat stress and be burnout for.