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Our online platform helps employees to increase their resilience while providing aggregate feedback to management. Leaders build a better, more agile business by creating a more resilient management and workforce.
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How to Become a Coach

Become a Woosh5 Coach to improve lives through resilience training and personalized coaching.

Sign up as a Coach

Contact us to sign up and get started as a Woosh5 Coach.

Verification interview

After you complete registration, we will contact you to discuss your role as a coach and verify your credentials.

Start your training

We’ll work together to train you on coaching resilience and the skills needed to coach in the 21st century.

Work as Coach

We facilitate your resilience growth and help you improve your performance at work and daily life.

Dynamic Community

Join a team of coaches from varied backgrounds and work with individuals from all walks of life.

Training and Development

We’ll provide you with the tools needed to succeed as a Woosh5 Coach through training and professional development.

Work with top tier companies

We work with many A-list businesses. You’ll coach employees, individuals and management to shape the workforce of well recognized brands.

Flexible work schedules

Our online program allows for flexible work schedules so that you can maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Stay focused

Our platform allows coaches to stay focused and prepared by centering their attention on service, not operations.

No need to travel

You don’t need to spend time traveling away from home. The Woosh5 platform allows our coaches to work from home.

Our Coaches says

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