WOOSH5 | WOOSH5 online coaching and training of resilience
The way we live and work today is changing rapidly and continues to evolve as business and personal needs change. A consequence of this change has been a dramatic increase in mental pressure both at home and at work. The world is more competitive, you’re expected to be “on” nearly every hour of the day, and each new day presents choices and decisions for a wide range of topics. In order for a person to thrive in this ever-changing environment they must have mental resilience. Resilience to face new challenges and choices with confidence and passion. Fortunately, mental resilience can be taught and trained. Woosh5 helps individuals and organizations by implementing innovative coaching methods in a pragmatic, affordable, and more effective way
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What is WOOSH5?

Woosh5 is an online resilience-building platform designed to benefit both individuals and the organizations for which they work. We use science-backed exercises and personal e-coaching to increase individuals’ self-awareness, confidence and resilience, and offer organizations cutting-edge analytics to scale Woosh5 programs for major impact and measurable, meaningful results.

Benefits to the individual

Whether you’re facing a specific challenge or want to increase your confidence and capacities in all situations, Woosh5’s programs give you the tools you need to thrive. We call this “resilience building” and it impacts all areas of your life: work, relationships, and daily life.

Benefits to the organization

Our cutting-edge analytics means you have crystal clear insight into the impact Woosh5 has on your teams and organizations while maintaining total confidentiality, so individuals are empowered to be open and forthright. We measure on a variety of points throughout the program so you can see exactly how and why Woosh5 is working for your organization, improving productivity, efficiency and innovation.

Benefits to society as a whole

Happier employees and teams don’t just impact individuals and organizations – the benefits go way further. With woosh5, burnout decreases, and engagement, employee retention, innovation and productivity increase. And these benefits impact our societies as a whole: our families, social groups, communities and beyond.

Behind the name

“If you try to hold onto some stable identity, some stable job, some stable world view, you will be left behind, and the world will fly by you with a woosh.” – Yuval Noah Harari

We can all use support and proven tools to help us navigate the challenges and shifts our rapidly changing world presents us. Woosh5 enables people and organizations to thrive amid uncertainty and change.

Designed for use by an individual or entrepreneur, but also for implementation by teams, departments and organizations, Woosh5 helps you develop your mental balance and resilience, and continue to shape your evolving identity, career and world view. How do we do this?

There are 5 simple steps:

  1. Set Goal
  2. Measure
  3. 90-Day Trek
  4. E-coach
  5. Re-measure

Proven track record

We started in 2015 in the Netherlands. With major businesses such as Heineken and ING Group as early adopters, we developed and refined our product so we know we can deliver incredible, optimal results to any team and organization. Since then, Woosh5 has taken off around the globe.

Our goal is to make resilience coaching accessible to everyone, irrespective of location, job title or identity. Because we believe that resilience has never been more important. Today we have offices in Singapore, the US and Europe to serve you.

Why we created WOOSH5?

The way we live and work today is changing rapidly, with a dramatic uptake in stress at work and elsewhere. The world is more competitive; you’re expected to be “on” all the time, and each day presents a new raft of choices and decisions.

To thrive in this ever-changing environment you need to be resilient: flexible, strong and self-aware. Because resilience fosters confidence, engagement and ease, no matter the challenge. It also has benefits that go far beyond the individual, which is why we started working with organizations, too.

The great news? Mental resilience can be taught and trained. Enter, WOOSH5.

Our Why5

These are the beliefs that underpin how Woosh5 works, why we created it and why it’s already showing incredible proven results for people and organizations around the world.

  1. Individuals have so much unleashed potential. With increased resilience, comes the courage, respect, confidence and ease to embody that potential.
  2. Being self-aware is one of the greatest assets we can have – to enjoy work and life, and weather the inevitable storms. The path to self-awareness is much easier to navigate with a guide.
  3. Avoiding emotions is a recipe for disaster. When the rational and emotional work together, they form an unbeatable team, leading to better decisions, increased engagement and greater authenticity.
  4. A growth mindset coupled with a flexible, open-minded approach empowers us to address change and uncertainty with a calm, positive attitude.
  5. Once-a-year workshops are BS. Learning and growth need ongoing day-to-day input and practice, with science-backed tools and personalized support from a coach.