WOOSH5 | Onboarding, Done Well
Our online platform helps employees to increase their resilience while providing aggregate feedback to management. Leaders build a better, more agile business by creating a more resilient management and workforce.
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Changing jobs is like changing lives. The experience of critical junctures such starting with a new project, on a new job, in another company, industry in another location or all of those together are often the worst times of people’s lives. The steep toll that this takes on mental fitness lowers the new employees productivity and creates further tensions at the new place of work.
The overall effect of letting employees muddle through critical junctures is lower company performance.

Companies should not leave their newly hired members struggle, companies should take responsibility for the results and improve them. Onboarding, done well, can help with fast and full integration of new employees. Woosh5 has developed a unique hybrid Calender-First-90-Days-Trek that supports each individual throughout the critical juncture. A carefully orchestrated process of online and offline activities helps with significantly improving the experience of new employees on the job. Raising their readiness to
perform at the personal peak sooner, helps companies to achieve the objectives faster and with more accuracy.

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