WOOSH5 | It is so nice to focus on yourself for a while every day, it sheds a whole different light on things.
Our online platform helps employees to increase their resilience while providing aggregate feedback to management. Leaders build a better, more agile business by creating a more resilient management and workforce.
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Can you tell a bit more about who are you?

My name is Julia Brouwers, I’m 24 years old and I live in a small town just north of Amsterdam. I would describe myself as a spontaneous, helpful, energetic and motivated person. Talking to people and learning from the conversations I have, is one of my favorite things to do. Also, I love food and get-togethers. Because of my chronic disease, I often use a walker or a wheelchair. Dealing with the daily, constant pain remains a challenge.

What was the situation/problem/challenge you were facing when you started the program?

More and more I found myself doing too much, saying ‘yes’ to everything, which caused me to be stressed and fatigued. Unconsciously, I had started to adopt certain patterns which got me to stay stuck on certain emotions and thoughts. Dealing with a chronic disease is not always easy and can be very challenging. Because it is an ongoing process, it really helped me to get some guidance. This online platform has proven to be a great solution.

How did you get to work with the program?

I started with a 13-week online program. It took some getting used to, committing to it every day, but once I got into a certain rhythm it became part of my daily routine. What was really good, was that I could make up for any days I missed on the weekends, and spend an extra hour or two on it. It is so nice to focus on yourself for a while every day, it sheds a whole different light on things.

What is your take-away from the program?

I have gained more knowledge and insight into my patterns and way of thinking. Very useful! It allows me to better reflect on things, and to change and adapt the way I think and behave. It also taught me to really pay attention to myself for half an hour (or more) every day, something I used to forget very easily.

Can you summarize your experience in one sentence?

A nice and practical way to get more insight into myself, and grow.